Land Valuation and honeybee removals

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Brandon Fehrenkamp

Texas Master Beekeeper

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Services Offered

Land Valuation

Have 5-20 acres in Travis or surrounding counties? Interested in keeping bees to save you $$$ on your taxes?

Honeybee Removal

The humane, effective way to remove bees from your home, tree, or other place where we don’t need them to be! Bees are rehomed and saved, safely.

Education and Teaching

Specializing in top bar hives, swarm catching and the beekeeper’s toolbox.

Work with Brandon

Bees are a wonderful gateway to viewing the world around you—the same world you see every day—in an entirely different manner. That revelation and that way of thinking has a profound impact on all aspects of life. The act of trying see through non-human eyes not only fosters a connection with the natural world, but also highlights our interdependence with our fellow humans. The honey bee colony is a wonderful example for humanity of how to work together for the betterment and survival of all.

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